How to sustain and further develop the unique contributions of third sector organizations to both the variety and cultural diversity of European societies and to the advancement of Europe as a social, political and economic community? Research conducted under the auspices of the Third Sector Impact project detected decisive challenges that, caused by environmental changes, currently jeopardize the sustainability of the third sector in Europe.

This Policy Brief proposes two sets of recommendations for public institutions: on infrastructural support necessary to increase the public awareness of the third sector, and on practical mechanisms functional to sustainability of TSOs.

In close cooperation with stakeholders representing numerous and varied networks of third sector organizations throughout Europe, we identified progressive approaches that aim at enhancing the capacity of TSOs to contribute to the socio-economic development of Europe. Our policy recommendations for public institutions and decision makers at local, national and European Union level could build a more beneficial environment for third sector organizations and citizens’ engagement throughout Europe. Policy recommendations for TSOs seek to help them to make the most out of their potentials.