Ieder(in) (Everyone in) is an umbrella organisation for people with a physical disability, mental disability or chronic illness. Two hundred and fifty organisations are affiliated to us. This makes Ieder(in) the largest network for people with disabilities in the Netherlands. We represent the interests of more than two million people.

Ieder(in) is committed to a society in which everyone can participate and where no one is excluded. This means that today’s society needs to adjust more to meet the needs of those with a disability or chronic illness who should be able to rely on tailored care and support. And just like everyone else, they should be able to choose how they want to live, learn, work, travel and spend their leisure time.

Ieder(in) stands for a humane society. A society in which people with a disability or chronic illness can participate to the maximum of their ability in all areas of life. A humane society calls on all of us to make an effort. Those with a disability should participate as much as they can. Their surroundings should offer the support that is needed. And the government should create the conditions in which everyone can participate freely. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities serves as our benchmark which we use to clarify, underpin and promote our views.”

Contact person: Machteld Goldhoorn-Schreur