Freise, Matthias/Paulsen, Friedrich/Walter, Andrea (eds.) (2014), Baden-Baden: Nomos (forthcoming).

Local innovative social and welfare policies and practices contribute to social cohesion and regional competitiveness. The local level of governance is often a laboratory of innovative future policies. When comparing Denmark, Germany and the USA a variety of innovative practices are revealed. By establishing partnerships between the local administration and civil society innovative solutions to political and social challenges are generated.

The PACT-Project by the University of Münster seeks to identify innovative practices of public policy and public administration in Germany, Denmark and the United States of America. By that, PACT wants to contribute to the future development of an effective and capable public sector. The current challenges of public policies and public administration research are the study of local innovative social and welfare policies and practices and their impact on governance, social cohesion and contribution to competitiveness.