The Maecenata Notizen address readers working in civil society, politics, science and business in Germany with up-to-date information on civil society-related academic and political events, calls for tender, workshops, calls for papers and publications. There are three editions per year.

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Sample edition: Maecenata_Notizen_I_2014

The Maecenata Institute is an independent academic centre, founded in 1997, affiliated since 2004 – 2013 to Humboldt University, Berlin. Its mission is to strengthen civil society and the promotion of knowledge and understanding of civil society and private philanthropy in Germany through academic research, documentation and information, and exchanges between academics, public leaders and professionals in the field. Besides research and teaching its tasks are policy consulting and public information.

To date, approximately 60 research projects have been carried out and about 300 papers have been published. Permanent projects of the institute include a database of German foundations as well as a research college for young academics.