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Tell us how you create impact

What social impact does your organisation generate? Have you yourself experienced impact by third sector activities? Give voice to your expertise and priorities. The stories you share here are confidential. If you would like to share your experiences publicly and engage with other practitioners, please join our public consultations blog. Please feel free to write […]


Eager to hear your voice Third Sector Impact (TSI) pursues a distinctive stakeholder engagement process to capture the insights of practitioners from the beginning. Stakeholder engagement interacts with all working areas of the project –  impact, concept, measurement, and barriers. This is an occasion to influence the priorities of the European research agenda and to put […]

EMES International Research Network

Partner Description EMES is an international research network of sixteen established university research centres and over individual researchers whose goal is to gradually build a European corpus of theoretical and empirical knowledge, pluralistic in disciplines and methodology, around social enterprise and other third sector issues. EMES conducts multidisciplinary studies to understand the diversity of experiences […]

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