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TSI at Rural Isolation of Citizens in Europe conference

Despite their demographic and economic importance, rural regions lag behind in a number of socio-economic indicators. Inhabitants are often at higher risk of poverty, face difficulties in accessing infrastructure and public services, and display lower levels of employment, income, educational attainment. Rural isolation refers not only to social, labour and educational exclusion, but also to […]

CEV Workbook to implement employee volunteering

TSI European stakeholder organisation European Volunteer Centre (CEV) published a toolkit to help volunteer-involving organisations develop employee volunteering. It guides the user through a process that emphasises the importance of ensuring a common understanding in the organisation about the purpose and added value of employee volunteering projects and explains the different possible models. The Workbook […]

TSI Working Paper No. 8: “Unemployment, volunteering, subjective well-being and mental health”

As the risks associated with growing labour market deregulation and flexibilisation are increasingly shifted towards individuals, an increasing number of people are likely to experience unemployment, which can result in declining mental health and well-being. This paper asks whether voluntary work can reduce the negative effects of unemployment on well-being. Drawing on Latent Deprivation Theory, […]

TSI Working Paper No. 7: “Community-level impacts of the third sector”

It is often assumed that the density of third sector organizations provides opportunities that are beneficial for engagement in volunteering, social cohesion, and social capital. By sophisticated multi-level modelling and after controlling for relevant individual and area characteristics in data from the UK, this paper concludes that the “foot-print” of third sector organizations does not […]

TSI Working Paper No 4: The Impact of Volunteering on Volunteers in 23 European Countries

Most of the evidence of the positive contribution of volunteering for the volunteers is based on established correlations between volunteering and measures of individual health, well-being or civic engagement. Confounding unobserved variables may lead to biased regression estimates. This paper explores the impact of volunteering on the self-reported health, the self-reported well-being, and the level […]

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