IMPACT - If only we could SHOW the difference it makes

What constitutes third sector impact?

The question at the heart of the TSI project is “What are the cultural, social and economic impacts of the third sector?” TSI works to identify the different impacts that activities of third sector organisations produce at local, national and European levels. Our ambition is to strengthen the understanding of the value of the third sector. Sharing your accounts and experiences as third sector practioners will help us do this. TSI’s latest literature review shows that we should focus more on the role of the third sector to focus democracy and basic rights rather than providing social services. What do you think?

Share your experiences with TSI and give us your story:

  • In what ways do activities of third sector organizations enhance well-being and quality of life?
  • Perhaps you’ve experienced some negative or unexpected outcomes?
  • Any examples of innovative processes triggered?
  • Does participation in a voluntary organizations mean exercising a political role?
  • What impact has working as a volunteer or working for a third sector organization on you personally?

Consultation dates

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