In oder to get the third sector the public recognition it deserves Third Sector Impact would like to encourage journalists to give more exposure to the sector itself, the people active in it, and the policy support and restraints in different countries. Documentation on these pages will help them reporting on the third sector in general.

Press Releases

TSI Press Release #1 2014: Making Europe’s third sector visible

TSI Press Release #2 2014: European third sector stakeholders provide valuable input to TSI research agenda

TSI Press Release #3 2015: New Consensus Definition of the Third Sector

TSI PressRelease #4 2015: A statistical revolution in data on the third sector in Europe 

TSI Press Release #5 2016: Giving the third sector the visibility it deserves

TSI News Alerts

TSI News Alert #1

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TSI News Alert #3

TSI News Alert #4

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TSI News Alert #6

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Background reading policy

How to facilitate civil society participation in Europe?
A recommendation by German TSI stakeholder B-B-E (in German)


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