Eager to hear your voice

Third Sector Impact (TSI) pursues a distinctive stakeholder engagement process to capture the insights of practitioners from the beginning. Stakeholder engagement interacts with all working areas of the project –  impact, concept, measurement, and barriers. This is an occasion to influence the priorities of the European research agenda and to put in focus the particular aspects and needs of third sector organisations from your point of view.

We need you

An important question for TSI is how to make conclusions about third sector impact on different parts of societies in Europe. Your observations and thinking will help us map and understand the various impacts of third sector activities at societal, local, and individual levels (e.g. volunteers, staff members, participants and users of third sector organisations). Your experiences and priorities will inform our research work and help us decide what areas of impact measurement we should concentrate on.

Share your experience and impact. Tell us your stories. Participate in our consultations.

Please feel free to write in your own language, a sentence, a paragraph, a detailed account. We value all inputs.

Thank you for helping us to measure Third Sector Impact by participating in our online consultations!

Please note that if you prefer sharing your views and experiences away from the public eye you can send us your feedback confidentially.