How can we define the third sector?

Third Sector Impact is a research project that aims to understand the scope and scale of the third sector in Europe, its current and potential impact, and the barriers hindering the third sector to fully contribute to the continent's welfare.

Working areas


Clarify the concept of the third sector in its European manifestations.


Identify the major contours of the third sector to define its size, structure, composition.


Identify third sector impact, its contributions to European economy and social cohesion.


Identify barriers and solutions to third sector development.

About us

The Third Sector Impact Community consists of the project coordinator, the research consortium, the advisory boards as well as more than 100 national and European stakeholders.

Where we work

Pavol Frič
Pavol Frič
  • Advisory board

Antonella Noya
Antonella Noya
  • Advisory board


Who is concerned with the third sector?

If you are a practitioner, policy-maker, researcher, statistician, journalist or citizen interested in the third sector, we are gathering information for you.

What are you interested in?
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