Country: Croatia

Udruga za inicijative u socijalnoj politici- UISP

Association for Initiatives in Social Politics – CSPI is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, founded in December 1994. Its efforts are focused on the situation of the population in social risk, children with special needs, unaccompanied refugee and displaced children, separated children and multi-problem and poor families. The activities of CSPI reflect a strong family approach […]

Udruga MOST

Association MOST is a non-governmental organization based in Split with local, regional and national actions to promote the value of volunteer work, solidarity, respect for diversity and human rights. It provides specific assistance to people in need and seeks to raise the quality of life of children, youth and citizens of other age categories. One […]

Transparency International Hrvatska

Transparency International Croatia is one of 10 world branches that operates with the support of the Transparency International Secretariat. TI is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the increase of accountability and prevention of national and international corruption. It is the only global, non-profit and impartial association of which activities are aimed at suppressing corruption and […]

Hrvatska udruga poslodavaca

The Croatian Employers’ Association (CEA) was established in 1993 as a voluntary, non- profit and independent employers’ association that represents, promotes and advocates for the interests of its members. The CEA was created by a group of respective Croatian entrepreneurs who recognized the potential of joint action and the importance of the employers’ association in […]

ACT – Autonomni centar

Autonomus Centre Čakovec is a civil association that works towards the development of civil society, eco-social economy, free culture and socially engaged art. ACT’s vision is a society with equal access to resources, knowledge and information, where each individual is important, responsible and pro-actively working for the benefit of society and nature.

Volonterski Centar Zagreb

Volunteers’ Centre Zagreb (VCZ) is a civil society organisation dedicated to development and promotion of volunteering from 1996. VCZ’s mission is to act as a resource centre encouraging personal and social development through mediation, education and promotion of volunteering on local and international level. VCZ’s vision is a society which recognises volunteering as a driving […]

Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar

The Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar is a research institution in the area of ​​social sciences and humanities. We are engaged in scientific research, scholarly publishing, public presentation of scientific achievements, the international exchange of scientific information, participation in academic teaching and other activities linked to the basic purpose of our existence. Our motto […]
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