Transparency International Croatia is one of 10 world branches that operates with the support of the Transparency International Secretariat. TI is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the increase of accountability and prevention of national and international corruption. It is the only global, non-profit and impartial association of which activities are aimed at suppressing corruption and its consequences. Transparency International believes that the movement against corruption must be above all social, political, economical and cultural boundaries. TI neither discloses nor investigates individual cases of corruption. We believe that is the duty of the legislative and executive bodies, independent judiciary and the free press.

TIC’s programme is closely related to the Government’s strategic objectives (National strategy of the fight against the corruption, Ministry of Internal Affairs: Anti-Money Laundering Office, Institue of Public Finance – the grey market project, Public Administration Reform…), and is also complemented with the duties of the Republic of Croatia which derive from the Stability Pact and the European Union Treaties.

TI Croatia is conducting a programme which aims to transform Croatia from a transitional to a transparent country.