Policy briefs

TSI Policy Brief No. 11: Recommendations for sustainable development of TSOs in Europe

The civicness of third sector organizations (TSOs) is under threat, undermining citizen participation and contribution to the common good. This Policy Brief proposes two sets of recommendations for public institutions: on infrastructural support necessary to increase the public awareness of the third sector, and on practical mechanisms functional to sustainability of TSOs.


TSI Policy Brief on Polish third sector policy

The years of post-communist transition in Poland opened a new chapter in the history of the Polish third sector. Poland’s transition to market democracy revived the third sector and stimulated an upsurge in its formation. Therefore, to properly analyse relations between the government and third sector organizations (which in Poland cover non profit organizations, part […]


TSI Policy Brief No. 8: The third sector in the Netherlands

The third sector in the Netherlands is extraordinarily diverse and defies easy categorization, but it roughly consists of three parts that overlap: Third sector organisations that deliver public services: These include most organisations in social services, health and education. Their development is closely tied to that of the public sector at large and the welfare […]


TSI Policy Brief No. 6: The Croatian third sector in 2015 – barriers and way forward

The role of third sector organizations in policy making in Croatia has been strengthened to some extent, but significant barriers to third sector development remain. This policy brief makes a number of recommemdations that could address legal and financial challenges as well as issues of public trust.


TSI Policy Brief No. 3: English Third Sector Policy in 2015

In recent decades, the third sector (which includes charities and social enterprises) in the UK and abroad has received heightened policy interest as awareness of the limits of market and state-dominated approaches to social problem solving grows. In the UK case, this has involved a slow-motion rollercoaster of change. Initially the sector was embraced under […]

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