Now that the TSI project has completed the work on barriers and the project is drawing to a close in other working areas, consortium members are engaging in many dissemination activities.

Rafael Chaves of IUDESCOOP will present findings at two CIRIEC (International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) events:

  1. the 31st International Conference in Reims (France) from 21-23 September, focussing on the State as strategist and public policies; the dynamics of social and solidarity economy; social innovation and reduction of inequalities and sssues of digital transition; and
  2. the 16th CIRIEC Spain conference in Valencia from 19-21 October CIRIEC Spain conference on economic growth and welfare.
As researcher on the Spanish TSI team, Rafael will also inform Spanish stakeholders on project results, starting with the Catalonia Third Sector Platform on 16 June in Barcelona, followed by the National Third Sector Platform in Madrid on 20 June. We are looking forward to feedback from stakeholders, particularly on our policy recommendations to remove barriers for third sector development.