TSI’s consensus definition of the third sector will be most likely be included in the revised version of the UN Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions in the System of National Accounts – thus fulfilling one of the objectives of the project, which is to have an expanded concept of the third sector concept incorporated into international statistical procedures at the highest level.  This will officially bring social economy, social ventures, and both direct and organization-based volunteering along with nonprofit institutions into an expanded third sector/social economy “TSE sector satellite account” recommendation in the official global statistical system.

TSI’s Lester Salamon has been invited by the UN Statistics Division (UNSD) to make a presentation on this new Handbook and its broadened definition of the third sector at a side-event that UNSD has arranged for participants in the forthcoming annual meeting of the Statistical Commission of the United Nations, a 300-person body that gathers the heads of all the national statistical agencies in the world for a week-long series of meetings on pending statistical policies. The session is scheduled for the first day of the Commission’s 2016 session in New York on March 8.

You can download Lester Salamon’s preentation to the UN Statistics Division below.