TSI has invited European third sector and policy stakeholders to give their input during a one day seminar on Tuesday, 13 October to ongoing research on the impacts of third sector activities, framed within the definition of the third sector as part of the project, and the barriers the sector is facing at different institutional levels. Another important topic that will be addressed is progress and gaps in national and Europe-wide data collection on third sector impact by statistical agencies.

The event “Emerging Observations and Discussion Groups on Opportunities for Third Sector Participation in EU Policy Making” aims to move towards policy recommendations to the European Commission at the end of the TSI project duration. A panel of representatives from research, third sector and policy will comment on findings of the project so far and engage with the numerous participants from third sector networks.


Marthe Nyssens
Professor at the Department of Economics of the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Antonella Noya
Senior Policy Analyst and Manager of the OECD/LEED Forum on Social Innovation, Paris
Ariane Rodert
European Economic and Social Committee, President of the Social Entrepreneurship Project

The event is hosted at Philanthropy House, Brussels.