The Satellite account for non-profit institutions in Norway 2012, published on 3 December 2014 not only shows the growth of employment in the non-profit sector compared to for-profit and public sectors, it also includes the funding of non-profit institutions’ activities for the first time.

TSI’s Karl Henrik Sivesind explains that full-time employment in the Norwegian third sector has remained more or less stable since the mapping of the voluntary sector as part of the Johns Hopkings project in 1997. Employment growth is strong in organisations providing welfare services (up from 56% in 1997 to 61% in 2012), but also political and advocacy organisations have seen a sharp rise in employment (from 2% to 7.6% in the same period).

The voluntary sector has seen a general increase in public funding, but mostly for national organisations.

Have a look at the full Satellite Account (in English) and the interview with Karl Henrik Sivesind (in Norwegian).