Renzo Razzano of TSI member SPES delivered introductory remarks at the conference “Il Valore del Volontariato” organised by CSV Chieti and the University of Pescara on December 11th, 2014. At this conference Istat presented the data on volunteering (ILO module, 2013). CSV Chieti and Laura Berardi of University of Pescara presented the results of an experiment on measuring the economic and some aspects of social impacts of a one year work of a small group of voluntary organisations.

Renzo contextualized these data within a wider European debate exemplified by TSI, encompassing the new definition of the third sector in Europe that spans from social economy to citizens movements and individual volunteering, to be presented by TSI in early 2015. He also focussed on the search for indicators of social impacts, pointing out that TSI stakeholders in meeting across Europe considered the participation of citizens, contribution to community development, wellbeing and quality of life as most important aspects.

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