The Faculty of Agriculture  at the University of Zagreb is dedicated to its fundamental mission: enabling students to achieve the highest academic standards and the transfer of competences based on up-to-date scientific knowledge. The Faculty contributed to economical, rural and sustainable development, as well as to overall regional development. Being the oldest educational institution in the field of agriculture, we are dedicated to the development of Croatian science and agriculture by making our Faculty a creative and inviting place for studying and work.
Applying the standards of excellence in scientific, educational and professional work, the Faculty of Agriculture wants to position itself as much in Croatian higher education and research, as among internationally recognized and acclaimed research and teaching institutions. This implies continuous investment in each individual and improvement of teaching
skills of teachers and lecturers, resulting in more complete professional insights, student’s competence, and thus their professional chances internationally.
In accordance with this mission and vision, the Faculty of Agriculture strategically intents:

  • to improve study programs, increase the quality of teaching and the efficiency of studying;
  • to enable high quality education with reference to acquisition of the latest scientific and professional knowledge and skills for students, agricultural experts and other interested parties;
  • to enhance international cooperation and international recognition of the Faculty;
  • to develop scientific-research and professional activities as well as collaboration with the business sector;
  • to improve management and organization of the Faculty and quality assurance.


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