The National Network for Civic Engagement (BBE) is the nationwide network of supporters and promoters of more than 23 million engaged citizens. As the only “trisectoral” network in Germany, the BBE connects more than 250 stakeholders from civil society, business and government with the aim of working together to strengthen civil society and civic engagement and participation in all social and political areas. Since its founding in 2002 on the recommendation of the special committee of the German Bundestag “future of civic engagement” the network is continuously growing.

The BBE aims to…

  • support projects regarding civic engagement and participation, as well as to raise and increase political awareness.
  • intensify the sharing of experience at a national, European and international level and make the findings of academics and research on the topic of civic involvement accessible to a broader public.
  • improve the general conditions for civic engagement and participation.
  • work on the further development of the volunteer services.
  • strengthen the local civil society.
  • promote the civic involvement of migrants.
  • develop a culture of recognition for civic engagemen