European Network of National Civil Society Associations (ENNA) is a membership organisation, bringing together organisations, platforms, and associations that work at a national level to promote the cross-sectoral interests of the not-for-profit/public benefit/civil society sector.

Our members support thousands of local, regional, and national civil society organisations delivering each and every day important activities for the benefit of society.

Our members support them to be more effective on a daily basis, whilst at the same time defending the interests of civil society organisations by ensuring a supportive operating environment exists for them to achieve their objectives.

Our members work across different sub-sectors of civil society. We work on topics that affect all not-for-profit actors regardless of whether they work solely on social issues, environmental issues, socio-cultural activities, or any other topic of societal interest.

Whilst we may be a young network, we bring together a membership that work directly and indirectly with over 80.000 European civil society organisations.