Partner Description

The Institute for Social Research (ISF) was established in 1950 as an independent foundation in Oslo, Norway. Multidisciplinary in its orientation, it comprises research within all the social sciences and history. The interplay between basic and applied research is reflected in the position of ISF as a contract research institute with high academic ambitions and in its close contact with the other research institutes, national and international universities, the Research Council of Norway, as well as with ministries and private sector agencies. The aim is to produce knowledge and understanding in areas that are significant for society, and to work closely to the cutting edge of international social science.

The research at the institute for Social Research is centred around themes as: Civil Society in Transition, Working Life, Gender Equality, Migration, Elections and Democracy, and Political institutions.

ISF has about 40 researchers and 100 active projects at any given time; moreover ISF researchers take part in international networks and projects. ISF took on national management of the Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Research Project, carried out from 2006-2007, and the Norwegian coordination of the Network Council for “Civil Society and New Forms of Governance in Europe” (CINEFOGO), a Network of Excellence supported by EU 6th Framework Program.

Role in Third Sector Impact

  • Main responsibilities: overall management and co-ordination; coordinating elaboration and testing of third sector impact indicators; coordinating integrating findings and assembly of the final report.
  • Additional responsibilities: conzeptualizing and measuring the third sector, stakeholder engagement.