Partner Description

The Johns Hopkins University SAIS Bologna Centre (JHU-Bologna), now in its 57th year of operation, is a premier international centre for research and education in international relations, international development, and area studies and languages. The Centre brings together an international and diverse group of students who study under a distinguished international faculty, in a small and close-knit community, fostering a reciprocal exchange of information, opinions and ideas. With its strong emphasis on cross-disciplinary and comparative studies and its affiliation with the world-renowned Johns Hopkins University, the academic program of the SAIS Centre prepares students to enter careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors. The JHU Bologna Centre carries out an active programme of research through its Bologna Institute for Policy Research (BIPR). The BIPR promotes problem-cantered, interdisciplinary research in international and comparative policy led by Faculty Fellows and Research Professors and focused on seven main areas, including that of the third sector.

Role in Third Sector Impact

  • Main responsibility: Coordination of third sector conceptualization and measurement; co-coordination of integrating findings and assembly of the final report.
  • Additional responsibility: Stakeholder engagement.