The European Foundation Centre (EFC) is an international membership association of foundations and corporate funders. It is a partner for those seeking to strengthen the European philanthropic sector.

As an association of over 200 foundations and funders, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) serves its members, supporting them both individually and collectively to foster positive social change in Europe and beyond. In short, the EFC works for and with its members to help them improve impact through sharing, learning, connecting and engaging.

We scan the horizons of sector and of policy trends and developments, to identify emerging needs and anticipate opportunities both to enhance and defend the operating environment for foundations.

We strive to foster the best conditions for foundations to operate effectively and efficiently and defend civil society space through philanthropic funding.

Through building networks of people and ideas we seek to foster synergies and act as a broker to enable collaboration, trigger philanthropic action and socialise practices.

The impact of foundations’ work can be multiplied through engagement with policy and decision-makers at all levels. Here, we seek to facilitate dialogue with the European and International institutions whose agendas affect foundations and their partners.