ODRAZ (Sustainable Community Development) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization gathering professionals from various fields who design and apply the sustainable development concept for local community benefit. It is an independent civil society organisation encouraging and implementing changes leading towards sustainability. ODRAZ operates at various levels, from local to national and international. It cooperates with civil society organisations, public, professional and business organisations, networks and experts. Many collaborators and volunteers take part in its activities, in addition to employees.The ODRAZ team is dedicated to contribute to the creation of social, economic and political environment enabling sustainable development.

How we operate:

– implementation of non-formal education for sustainable development;
– implementation of thematic workshops, consultations and expert discussions
– encouragement and support of networking of stakeholders in sustainable development
– collection, exchange and publication of information and experience
– cooperation with relevant stakeholders in the process of formulating strategic directions, implementing and monitoring sustainable local and rural development
– strengthening capacities of civil, public and business sector for multisectoral development partnerships
– encouraging the media to show greater interest in sustainable development issues
– contribution to the dialogue with the European institutions on development issues

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