La Plataforma de ONG de Acción Social POAS (Social Action Platform) is a private, non-denominational, nationwide non-profit organisation that works towards promoting the total development of social and civil rights of the most vulnerable groups and to strengthen the Third/ Social Sector.

With its foundation on May 18th 2000 it consisted of sixteen NGOs and non-profit organisations. Ever since, the Platform has gradually increased its social basis with the incorporation of new members. Nowadays it consists of 26 Non-governmental organisations, federations and state networks that at the same time bring together thousands of other local, provincial and state entities.

The Platform, declared to be of Public Interest on February 6th 2007, forms a part of some important international organisations. Among them, the Alianza Mundial CIVICUS / Worldwide Alliance for Citizen Participation, the Plataforma Social Europea / European Social Platform, the Pacto Mundial de Naciones Unidas / the United Nations World Pact and the Comité Europeo de Asociaciones de Interés General / European Committee of Associations of General Interest.