Partner Description

Associazione Promozione e Solidarietà – SPES, is a Volunteer Support Centre (VSC) based in Rome (Italy). It is an association of associations, with the mission of public relevance defined by the Italian Framework Law on Volunteering no. 266/1991. SPES provides consultancies, training and services to voluntary organisations and promotes active engagement of citizens. SPES runs a multi-stakeholder social communication circuit

SPES members Ksenija Fonovic and Renzo Razzano were chosen as individual members of the the Third Sector Impact project consortium because of their track record in coordinating European volunteering collaborative research, their dynamic role in the development of the European Volunteer Measurement Project, their extensive network of contacts, their knowledge of the European institutional setting as regards third sector policies, and their capacity to coordinate and disseminate practice and policy input from third sector organisations and networks across a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Such structurally embedded presence of a third sector agency in the project consortium allows for on-going dialogue with third sector practitioners, so that practice and policy input from the third sector can complete the research results and deliverables, contribute to building a sustainable policy agenda and promote the incorporation of the measurement recommendations generated by the project into the statistical systems of the Project countries.

Role in Third Sector Impact

  • Main responsibility: Stakeholders’ involvement.
  • Additional responsibility: Dissemination and reporting.