Stichting Present Nederland is a foundation that builds bridges between people who have something to offer and people who are looking for help. As a broker in volunteering, the organisation offers the opportunity to become a volunteer and help other people who are facing problems such as poverty, poor health or social isolation.

Stichting Present Nederland is a network of local volunteering initiatives. The first foundation was established in Zwolle in 2003. Soon, the innovative approach of Present Nederland became known in other places as well. Today, the network consists of more than 50 foundations throughout the Netherlands.

This is how we achieved change:

We achieved change by organizing approachable local volunteering projects where people can learn how to be active and involved citizens. And doing this with a growing network of local foundations.

  • Not the need of people but what citizens have to offer for people in need is the starting point of our intervention.
  • In a group or a group of family members temporarily doing voluntary work.
  • When a successful experience is gained through volunteering, it is likely that the person involved develops further voluntary commitment.
  • Civil society organizations are the link to people who need help: they know the question, so professional help within the heavy social care is strengthened and contributes to the assistance to the development of the person seeking help.
  • Local ownership: local Foundations Present provide structural support, embedding, support and local partnership.
  • Feedback and evaluation so that people experience what their help has meant.