Telecentre-Europe is a pan-European network of digital inclusion and ICT training organizations. The mission of Telecentre-Europe and its member organizations is to provide digital opportunities and access to digital technologies and trainings for all citizens, especially to youth, unemployed, women, disabled, elderly, migrants, etc.

Telecentre Europe (TE) is currently working on a number of projects, most of them co-funded by European Union’s programmes. In some of these projects TE is the project leader while in others it is a partner and works alongside other organisations-many of them our members- to make sure the project reaches its deliverables and creates lasting results. Click here for the list of current projects.

In 2013 the Joint Reaseach Centre (JRC-IPTS) of the EC commissioned us a study mapping e-Inclusion actors in Europe, MIREIA – Measuring the impact of eInclusion Actors in Europe. The Report on eInclusion Actors in the EU27 presents the results of an online survey that collect relevant data from almost 3,000 organisations working on eInclusion in 27 European countries, which is the first attempt in Europe to collect primary data from those actors. The findings of the analysis provide policy relevant insights and help shed light on the size of the sector, the types of organisations providing eInclusion services and their capacity (staff, budgets, funding sources and network), the services they provide and the target groups they address.

Further to this, the impact assessment framework designed by the JRC-IPTS has been tested with telecenters members in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Poland.