Partner Description

The Institute for Social Policy at the University of Warsaw is one of Poland’s oldest academic centres offering teaching programmes and research. It has some 600 students, over 40 academic staff and more than 30 years of experience in academic training, research and publications related to theory of social policy, labour market policies, family policy, migration and migration policy, local social policy, social welfare, the third sector programmes. The Institute’s research also include the field of international, European  and comparative aspects of social welfare, social security systems, labour policy and social economy and social enterprise sector.

The Centre for Civil Society Development is a research unit within the Institute. Its teaching and research activities concentrate on the reforms of European social policies, the challenges of the welfare mix and the functions of the third sector and social economy in social welfare delivery and the process of public governance.

Role in Third Sector Impact

  • Main responsibility: Conceptualization of the third sector in CEE countries, external and internal barriers to third sector development.
  • Additional responsibility: Advancing the measurement of the third sector; conceptual integration of findings and final report; stakeholder engagement and dissemination of results.