Partner Description

IUDESCOOP, the Research Institute on Social Economy and Entrepreneurship is one of the 20 research institutes of the University of Valencia and was founded in 2003. Its research fields are social economy, the third sector, social enterprises and the non-profit sector. Twenty-two researchers work in IUDESCOOP, belonging to different disciplines, mostly economics, management, law, social work and sociology. The Institute has an official Doctorate Programme in Social Economy (Cooperatives and Nonprofit organizations), and a Master on Social Economy. The „European Information and Documentation Centre on Public and Social Economy“ (CIDEC) is a joint venture of the IUDESCOOP and the research network Ciriec-Spain and is based in the University of Valencia. IUDESCOOP is the research institute in economic and social science with the highest scientific production rate at the University of Valencia. It hosts the mainly Spanish language journal „Ciriec-España, revista de Economía pública, social e cooperative”.
IUDESCOOP, Research Institute on Social Economy and Entrepreneurship

Role in Third Sector Impact

  • Main responsibility: External and internal barriers to third sector development.
  • Additional responsibility: conceptualisation of the third sector; advancing the measurement of the third sector; conceptual integration of findings; stakeholder engagement; dissemination of results.