The Volunteer Centre Osijek is an organisation dedicated to the development of volunteerism, as well as to structuring continuous support for volunteers and organisations in need. The centre is in Osijek, the capital of the eastern Croatian region of Slavonija and Baranja. It was founded in December 2005 on the International Day of Volunteers. This was the result of a joint effort made by the members of the Regional Advisory Board for the Development of Volunteerism. The Volunteer Centre Osijek envisions a society where citizens are motivated to make positive changes in their communities and thus contribute to the quality of their lives in a quicker, more efficient, and yet more human way. Its mission is to involve citizens in community life through civil society development and organised volunteer work in the region.

Member of the Croatian Network of Volunteer Support Centres and of CEV – European Volunteer Centre.


  • Promoting the values of volunteerism and achieving their recognition;
  • Improving the infrastructure for volunteering activities, creating space and time for gathering and recruiting of volunteers;
  • Increasing the possibilities of volunteer involvement in social, education and medical/health care institutions and organisations;
  • Supporting volunteer initiatives and public activities of citizens, which contribute to the welfare of the community;
  • Enhancing the cooperation among the community representatives (local governments, public institutions and societies) regarding volunteer activities;
  • Designing and conducting innovative projects related to the recruitment of volunteers in partnership with other stakeholders within the community;
  • Encouraging and supporting international volunteer exchange.

Its activities include:Promotion and information; Volunteer Matchmaking ServiceWebsite offering the possibility of online application and volunteer supply/demand database; Celebration of International Day of Volunteers; Annual Volunteer Award; Publications; Organising public discussions concerning the development of volunteerism; Education and Training; Training for volunteers; Volunteer management;
Organisational development.

Advisory Service offers professional help in the matters of: Management of volunteers; Launching civil initiatives and the implementation of volunteer programmes; Establishment and development of civil society organisations; Development of local volunteer centres by means of advising and educating.