Jany Hansal, economist for tourism, has been president of DEŠA-Dubrovnik for over 20 years. She is also a leader of DEŠA’s educational centre. She has extensive excperience in coordinating, organizing, and managing all activities of DEŠA, as well as promoting DEŠA’s role in civil sector development in the region.

She has extensive experience in project management and report writing, coordination of events, participation of volunteers, and public relations.

She participated in many educational programs, organized study trips, public panel discussions, economic and other manifestos, workshops etc.

She is very active in civil society development. She is founder of NVO – Europe House in Dubrovnik, Association of friends of the Island of Mljet, Alliance Francaise – Dubrovnik, Pavlovi baštinici – Island of Mljet, Dubrovačka naranča. As a volunteer she is a board member of the Mscular Dystrophy Association in Dubrovnik and Lions Club Sveti Vlaho-Dubrovnik, a member of the Civil Society Development Council of the Republic of Croatia and president of the Civil Society Association of the City of Dubrovnik.