Malgorzta Oldak is doctor of Humanities in the field of Political Science (2011) and Associate Professor at the Institute of Social Policy, University of Warsaw, Director of the Postgraduate Studies: Social Economy Management. In 2009, she completed postgraduate studies in Academy of Evaluation of Socio-Economic Development Programmes at the Centre for European Regional and Local Studies of the University of Warsaw. Author of numerous publications concerning social policy, including social economy.

She has been authorised Board member of the All-Poland Audit Union of Social Cooperatives since 2009. From 2009-2013 she was a member of the working group for education in the team for systemic solutions in the field of social economy and a coordinator of the research project titled „System for strengthening the potential and competencies of the social cooperative sector and establishment of the network of cooperation with labour market institutions and social assistance and integration” (2014-2015), co-financed by European Union Funding under the European Social Fund. Since 2015 she has been managing the project „Social Rental Agency in Poland” financed  by the National Centre for Research and Development. She is Head of Post-Graduate Studies in Social Economy Management at the University of Warsaw.