Melnik, E., Petrella, F. et Richez-Battesti, N. (2013), International Journal of Human Resource Management, Volume 24, Issue 6, March 2013, pages 1300-132.

This paper examines workers’ satisfaction related to the level of professionalism of managerial practices in the French services sector. The data used are from the original survey conducted by the French Institute for Demographic Research and include both workers’ responses on their satisfaction level, individual characteristics, job conditions, etc. and employers’ responses on managerial practices implemented. We construct an index of workers’ overall satisfaction and an index of ‘managerial professionalism’. In our model of workers’ overall job satisfaction, the index of managerial practices is treated as an endogenous variable using two-stage least squares regressions. We show that the index of managerial practices is strongly and positively associated with workers’ overall workplace satisfaction. Overall workplace satisfaction is found to be strongly associated with wages and individuals’ perceptions about work environment. Finally, working in nonprofits is positively associated with greater overall job satisfaction.