Archambault Edith, Jérome Accardo and Brahim Laouisset, Report to the Conseil National de l’information statistique CNIS, Connaissance des associations , Décembre 2010, N°122, 117 pages,

This report is a synthesis of the methodological issues facing the statistical office to measure NPIs. It remarks a substantial progress during the last decades, but many improvements are required to measure the economic activity of NPIs and their contribution to many dimensions of the welfare of society.

Therefore the report recommends:

  • Run a regular survey on NPIs
  • Perform the matching of two directories
  • Give more consistent and detailed data on employment in NPIs
  • Create durable and cross-country comparable data on volunteering
  • Complete the knowledge of NPIs resource
  • Build a thorough satellite account of NPIs according to the international guidelines
  • Give tools to build a measure of the impact of NPOs