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TSI Policy Brief No. 6: The Croatian third sector in 2015 – barriers and way forward

The role of third sector organizations in policy making in Croatia has been strengthened to some extent, but significant barriers to third sector development remain. This policy brief makes a number of recommemdations that could address legal and financial challenges as well as issues of public trust.

TSI National Report No. 5: Identifying External and Internal Barriers to Third Sector Development in Croatia

The third sector is still rather unknown to policy-makers and the wider public in Croatia, while the professional community is becoming aware of the concept. There is a significant overlap between the terms in case of their legal forms, where the distinctiveness is not always clear. Also, there is an overlap in public discourse between […]

BARRIERS – Policy recommendations to remove barriers for third sector development

In April 2016 third sector stakeholders from 10 European countries discussed barriers for third sector development with focus on governance, access to finances, and human resources. TSI developed policy recommendations for each topic, aware that the three dimensions are interrelated. Governance is closely linked to the embeddeness and legitimacy of TSOs and hence deeply affects […]
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