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Hrvatski centar za zadružno poduzetništvo

The Croatian Center for Cooperative Entrepreneurship is a national Institution established to promote, coordinate and represent the interests of cooperatives, cooperative members and cooperative unions in Croatia. The union represents the interests of cooperatives and cooperative unions before national and other bodies at home and abroad. Each newly established cooperative shall submit the decision on registration […]

Društvo za psihološku pomoć

The Society for Psychological Assistance, (SPA) is a non-profit, non-governmental mental health organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. Founded in 1993, it has extensive expertise in providing community-based psycho-social services and in training professional and non-professional care providers. The SPA has developed many different programs in the field of community-oriented psycho-social services, training and capacity building […]

France Bénévolat

France Bénévolat (registered in France under the legal status of “Association Loi 1901″) was founded in 2003 by merging the activities of two older entities, Centre National du Volontariat and Planète Solidarité. Today, nearly all major national non-profit networks are partners of France Bénévolat. Its president is Dominique Thierry. France Bénévolat is the most important […]

Norges Kulturvernorbundet

The Norwegian Federation of Cultural Heritage Organisations is an umbrella organisation for twenty different NGOs working within cultural heritage and the conservation of cultural sites, buildings, vessels, vehicles, railroads and practices. We are working actively to enhance the cooperation between the member organisations, strengthen the impact of cultural heritage organisations in Norwegian society and improve […]

Norges Idrettsforbund (NIF)

NIF (Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports) is an umbrella organisation which organises all national sports federations in Norway. It has app. 2.047.000 memberships and consists of 54 national federations, 19 regional confederations, app. 366 sports councils and 11,793 clubs. NIF is the supreme governing body of organised sport. It is held every […]

Norges Innsamlingsråd

The Norwegian Fundraising Association is an arena for professional fundraising that works to influence policy for non–governmental organizations engaged in fundraising. The Norwegian Fundraising Association represents the main bulk of non–profit, humanitarian and cultural organizations in the Norwegian fundraising market.


abz*austria is a non-profit women’s organisation that has been devoted to the equality of men and women on the Austrian labour market ever since it was founded in 1992. abz*austria has approximately 140 employees, whose work is divided amongst 5 areas of specialisation, in which they develop solutions to issues such as “Gender Mainstreaming and […]
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