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Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar

The Institute for Social Sciences Ivo Pilar is a research institution in the area of ​​social sciences and humanities. We are engaged in scientific research, scholarly publishing, public presentation of scientific achievements, the international exchange of scientific information, participation in academic teaching and other activities linked to the basic purpose of our existence. Our motto […]

ODRAZ- Održivi razvoj zajednice

ODRAZ (Sustainable Community Development) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization gathering professionals from various fields who design and apply the sustainable development concept for local community benefit. It is an independent civil society organisation encouraging and implementing changes leading towards sustainability. ODRAZ operates at various levels, from local to national and international. It cooperates with civil […]

DEŠA Dubrovnik

DEŠA (Humanitarian and Peace Organisation) is a non-governmental organization operating in Dubrovnik, Croatia, formally founded in 1993. DESA’s aim is to help women and their families to better cope with hard times and life conditions. The history of the organization’s activities clearly shows the way in which it has developed over the years, from the […]

Agronomski Fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

The Faculty of Agriculture  at the University of Zagreb is dedicated to its fundamental mission: enabling students to achieve the highest academic standards and the transfer of competences based on up-to-date scientific knowledge. The Faculty contributed to economical, rural and sustainable development, as well as to overall regional development. Being the oldest educational institution in […]

Volonterski Centar Osijek

The Volunteer Centre Osijek is an organisation dedicated to the development of volunteerism, as well as to structuring continuous support for volunteers and organisations in need. The centre is in Osijek, the capital of the eastern Croatian region of Slavonija and Baranja. It was founded in December 2005 on the International Day of Volunteers. This […]

Ogólnopolska Sieć Centrów Wolontariatu

The National Network of Volunteer Centres  was founded in 1993 in Warsaw. The Network now unites 45 members and acts as a platform for independent organisations which have the status of Regional Volunteer Centres. It promotes volunteering, organizes public campaigns and trainings, initiates new programmes such as employee volunteering or the promotion of volunteering among […]
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