Ksenija Fonovic of SPES will promote TSI the U.S. Peace Corps and United Nations Volunteers workshop “Volunteerism: Measuring Global Impact,” followed by a one-day global conference joining high-level public officials, institutional leaders, and policy experts titled “Leveraging Volunteerism for Global Impact.” The workshop and conference will take place March 30–April 1 in Washington, D.C.

Objectives of the conference are to

  • Share practices of measuring volunteer contributions to development based on different modalities of volunteering, such as corporate, online, community, and youth.
  • Identify global indicators that can be used to measure volunteering and its impact.
    Leveraging Volunteerism for Global Impact Conference (April 1)
  • Convene, inform, and connect domestic and international thought leaders and policy experts to build support for the role of volunteer service in achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Inform and support expanding the use of international volunteer service as a relevant and effective tool for global development with the U.S. government and other global policymakers.