TSI’s Rafael Chaves is attending the first European Forum of Social and Solidarity Economy (EFSSE), which aims at promoting an exchange of experiences among the different actors in the social and solidarity economy in Europe, highlighting the problems faced by the sector, as well as its potential in tackling the effects of the crisis.

The forum wants to propose specific actions of political impact to foster the consolidation and expansion of the SSE within the EU. Participants will discuss how to make European, national and local institutions work actively in favour of the SSE and attempt to define the role and responsabilities of the different agents around the social and solidarity economy (institutions, coops workers, social networks, political parties).

In workshops and plenary discussions the forum will discuss issues like the current status of social and solidarity economy and trends; the management of the common goods; transformative instruments of finance and mutual aid financing; public policies matching the social and solidarity economy needs and challenges; and more.

Rafael Chaves is moderating the session on “Social, organisational and technological innovation in SSE enterprises”.

The forum is streamed from the event website.