Ksenija Fonovic, Vicedirector of TSI partner SPES, is holding a Webinar titled “Measuring the Impact of the Third Sector: Concept, metrics, statistics, data. Developments to consider in advocacy work”, oranised for the staff of TSI stakeholder organisation Balkan Civil Society Development Network on 2 February, 2016, 9.30-11 am.

This is the programme:

1. Information as tool

2. International statistical standards:
ILO Manual for the measurement of volunteer work
UN Handbook for Nonprofit Organizations in the System of National Accounts

3. International statistical standards – in development
ILO new definition of work
UN Handbook revision

4. TSI project

5. Definition of third sector
Working Paper and Policy Brief on third sector definition
Major issue: informal groups and volunteering  > ILO Manual
Major issue: social economy
> UN Handbook revision: towards “Third Sector/Social Economy Satellite Account”
> EU Council Conclusions on Social Economy

6. Cautions and concepts
Enjolras Working Paper on the concept of third sector
TSI Policy Brief Assessing the impact
TSI Working Papers on Impact: which is interesting for what and why

7. The situation now – EU
Silent statistical revolution – TSI DG RTD conference June 1, Press Release, LinkedIn group
ISTR Stockholm panel going comparative on ILO Manual data

8. The situation now – global
Sustainable Development Goals – Goal 17

9. Discussion
What is useful and interesting for you?
What you need to know more in depth?
What you need to move forward?