Ksenija Vidovic Vorberger  is Community Network Coordinator Public Relations Officer at ODRAZ.

Ksenija began to work in ODRAZ as a volunteer in 2002. She has long experience in office work, organising and preparing educational programmes, conferences, researches (processing and analysis), evaluation of educational programmes and projects, and presentation of ODRAZ projects and activities at workshops and seminars. She is co-author of the study “Opportunities for the Development of Community Foundations in Croatia”.

Currently, Ksenija is coordinator of the Community Network and editor and administrator of numerous ODRAZ info (news) channels: weekly newsletter eODRAZ; quarterly newsletter CiViNET Info, odraz.hr and civitaszagreb.hr websites, community manager of ODRAZ FB fan page. She also prepares and designs ODRAZ posters, project leaflets, annual reports and electronic publications.