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European Network of Social Integration Enterprises – ENSIE

ENSIE (European Network of Social Integration Enterprises), asbl, unites national and regional networks of Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs). At the moment, ENSIE a.s.b.l. gathers 26 national and regional networks, representing 18 countries of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden […]

European Foundation Centre (EFC)

The European Foundation Centre (EFC) is an international membership association of foundations and corporate funders. It is a partner for those seeking to strengthen the European philanthropic sector. As an association of over 200 foundations and funders, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) serves its members, supporting them both individually and collectively to foster positive social […]

BARRIERS – Autumn is hot in Bruxelles: what agenda for civil society networks?

How do you see the policy environment at the European level of governance in this moment? What are the hot issues? What impact do they have on the third sector? Are networks being listened to?  Who are the real interlocutors? Do institutional priorities correspond to third sector priorities? Is there such a thing as common […]


Telecentre-Europe is a pan-European network of digital inclusion and ICT training organizations. The mission of Telecentre-Europe and its member organizations is to provide digital opportunities and access to digital technologies and trainings for all citizens, especially to youth, unemployed, women, disabled, elderly, migrants, etc. Telecentre Europe (TE) is currently working on a number of projects, […]

European Venture Philanthropy Organisation (EVPA)

EVPA is a membership association made up of organisations interested in or practicing venture philanthropy and social investment across Europe. Established in 2004, the association aims to be the home as well as the highest-value catalytic network of European social investors, venture philanthropists and foundations committed to using venture philanthropy and social investment tools to […]
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