Event Details

Central Statistical Office
Al. Niepodleglosci 208
1st floor, room 149,
Warsaw, Poland
27 October 2016

Event Description

The stakeholders of the Third Sector Impact Project in Poland will have their final meeting on 27th of October 2016 at the promises of the Central Statistical Office of Poland. The event will be held together with the international seminar on the development of Third / Social Economy Sector statistics.

The seminar is an inauguration of a new local project on the construction of an integrated system  of statistical monitoring of the social economy in Poland. The new project will be realized by the Central Statistical Office of Poland together with the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, with the support of European Social Fund, and will benefit from the TSI approach as concerns wider understanding of the third sector.

The purpose of the seminar is to present the latest recommendation in the System of National Accounts to separately identify nonprofit, social economy and related institutions in all institutional sectors and the UN Statistics Division sanctioned methodology for assembling satellite accounts on such institutions. The seminar will focus on discussing the forthcoming revision of the UN Handbook of Non-profit Institutions in the System of National Accounts and will be moderated by the principal authors of the revised Handbook, Prof. Lester Salamon and Dr Wojciech Sokolowski from the Johns Hopkins University in the USA.

The main group of the participants will be delegates of national statistical institutes across Europe specializing in dealing with nonprofits in the system of national accounts. However, in the introductory part of the seminar the main participants will be stakeholders from Poland: the third sector organisations, officials from the government as well as academics. Therefore the objectives of the first part of the seminar include:

  • present the state of the art methodological approaches to assembling official statistics of the Third/Social Economy Sector around the world (Prof. Lester Salamon),
  • exchange national statistical institutes’ experience in the implementation of new statistical tools concerning non-profit and related institutions as well as volunteer work (statisticians from countries where some of the new tools have been applied),
  • show results of a recently completed research project on the Third/Social Economy Sector in Poland, in which wider understanding of the Third Sector have been used (Prof. Ewa Les),
  • present and discuss the Polish experience of taking a strategic approach to building an integrated system of the Third Sector data collection and analysis for various purposes and stakeholders, including monitoring of the National Program of Social Economy Development (Dr Slawomir Nalecz, Dr Piotr Lyson).

The event agenda is available for download below.