Portugal’s National Institute for Statistics (INE) just presented a new edition of the Satellite Account for Social Economy.

In 2013, Social Economy represented 2.8% of national GVA, 5.2% of total employment and 6.0% of paid employment. Social Economy compensation of employees corresponded to 5.2% of national compensations, with average compensation in this sector representing 86.4% of the average compensation in National Economy.

Approximately 61 thousand entities were identified within the scope of the Social Economy Satellite Account (SESA), distributed through a wide set of activities, among which Culture, sports and recreation (50.7%) stood out, followed by Social action and social security (15.6%). In turn, Social action and social security were most relevant in terms of GVA (44.7%), compensation of employees (44.6%) and paid employment (54.6%).

By groups of entities, Associations with Altruistic Goals were the most relevant group regarding the number of entities (93.4%), GVA (61.0%), compensation of employees (62.2%) and paid employment (64, 8%).

This satellite account does not yet follow the new UN Handbook for the Third Sector, but statisticians around TSI stakeholder Cristina Ramos hope they can do it in the next edition edition.

More information and infographics on the INE website.